Leave Moving your Art To Professional Art Handlers

Leave Moving your Art To Professional Art Handlers

Buying quality art for your home or business is an investment that you will want to protect from the moment you purchase it. You might attempt to bring a small painting, mirror, or décor item home by yourself, but anything that is large or heavy requires an expert who is well versed in proper packaging and transport of art items. If you make a purchase from an out-of-town or online vendor, you want the assurance that the item will arrive safely and without damage, even if it is coming from overseas. And, of course, if you are sending art as a gift or selling something you have, you want it to arrive at its destination in perfect condition. Flawless transport begins with proper packing and crating.


How Professional Art Handlers Transport Precious Cargo


The proper packing of works of art requires using sturdy materials than can withstand the transportation process, which may be require multiple transfers among trucks and planes to get it from its point of origin to its final destination. Specialty protective packing is a must when moving:


  • Paintings
  • Porcelain
  • Sculptures
  • Artifacts
  • Museum exhibits
  • Jewelry
  • Art installations


Professionals who ship art take steps to protect the integrity of the shipment:


  • To ensure a high degree of protection, art is often shipped in wooden crates designed to be the proper size to handle to a piece with size, weight, shapes, and fragility of the item. For high-end pieces, these crates may be custom made by a carpenter. The crate might be designed for a single shipment or retained for further shipments of the same item.


  • The piece may be protected within the crate with acid-free paper to prevent fingerprints or from the art coming in contact with substances that might penetrate the surface of the art.In addition, the shippers might rely on foam or softwrapping to prevent damage from shock and vibration.


  • Rather the using bubble wrap that a home shipper may rely on to cushion flat items, professionals rely on GalleryPouch, which is similar to bubble wrap in that it traps air between two pieces of translucent plastic. The surface of this product is smooth and the plastic is rigid pieces of laminated polyethylene so that it will not stick to the varnish that often protects many paintings and damage the surface.


  • Professional art shippers also rely on supplies such as travel frames, corner protectors, and brace crates for sculpture, all to ensure safe delivery.


Who Uses Professional Art Crating, Packing, And Transport?


Individuals buying art for their residence or shipping it elsewhere are likely customers for the service of professional art handlers. Firms who offer this service may get the bulk of their work from businesses that use art as décor, as well as from galleries, museums, and other institutions that loan out their current collection, add pieces, and sell or donate current holdings.

In Houston, the art installation team at Art Installers of Houston LLC services homes and businesses of all kinds who need art installed, packed, crated, stored, and transported. When you need art transported between locations, contact Houston’s premier art handling service at (713) 417-4430 or request a quote online.


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